Wednesday, December 16, 2009

This Years Christmas Quilt

I started with this

I was inspired by a pattern from the book, however the book is MIA so I can't give you the number or the name.  I will let you all know that when I find the book.  So after unrolling the Merry and Bright Jelly roll, last years Christmas line from Sandy Gervais.  I pressed the strips, I left them folded but made sure not to press the fold area.  I lined up the strips on my cutting board.

After cutting a straight edge I made two cuts, one at 13 1/2" and one at 2 1/2", this will give you two of each pieces in these sizes.,

Next take the left over strips back to the ironing board and press the fold out of your left over strips.  Then line them back up on the cutting board.  Give yourself a new straight edge and make your cut at 9 1/2".

Now take one of your 9 1/2" strips and chose a contrasting color of all of your other cut pieces to make up your block.  Sewing your 2 1/2" pieces on the ends of the 9 1/2" strips and the sew the 13 1/2" strips to either side as shown below.  These can be chain pieced, I did my blocks in groups of 10.  I started this quilt yesterday afternoon and by bed time I had all 40 blocks for the quilt top finished.

Check back tomorrow as we I will be giving you a yardage requirement for the sashing as well as the cutting and sewing instructions.

I so rarely am inspired to work so hard on getting a quilt finished.  I so love these fabrics and am really moved to get this quilt finished.


  1. Hmm, I like this so far. And it looks pretty quick!

  2. Very cute. You may want to check out the Virtual Christmas Quilt Show at my site. Random drawing for winners on December 25th.

    And I love your quilt. Can't wait to see it finished (or top finished).