Thursday, December 17, 2009

The Christmas Quilt step two

Ok, so I have all the blocks made.  Now it is time top set them in rows.  For this quilt they will be set 4 rows across by 10 long.  2 1/2 yards of fabric will be enough for the sashing and outside border if you choose to put one on.  Today I cut two 6 1/2" strips from the white fabric for the sashing. 

OK, I really should have pressed it before cutting the strips (VBG), after pressing I sub cut these into 30 - 2 1/2" x 6 1/2" rectangles. 

I then assembled them into rows, here they are hanging over the longarm quilting frame.

Tomorrow I will be cutting the horizontal sashings and assembling the quilt top.  I am really loving how this is coming together.   Please share with me if you make one of these.  I can't believe how fast this one is going together!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

This Years Christmas Quilt

I started with this

I was inspired by a pattern from the book, however the book is MIA so I can't give you the number or the name.  I will let you all know that when I find the book.  So after unrolling the Merry and Bright Jelly roll, last years Christmas line from Sandy Gervais.  I pressed the strips, I left them folded but made sure not to press the fold area.  I lined up the strips on my cutting board.

After cutting a straight edge I made two cuts, one at 13 1/2" and one at 2 1/2", this will give you two of each pieces in these sizes.,

Next take the left over strips back to the ironing board and press the fold out of your left over strips.  Then line them back up on the cutting board.  Give yourself a new straight edge and make your cut at 9 1/2".

Now take one of your 9 1/2" strips and chose a contrasting color of all of your other cut pieces to make up your block.  Sewing your 2 1/2" pieces on the ends of the 9 1/2" strips and the sew the 13 1/2" strips to either side as shown below.  These can be chain pieced, I did my blocks in groups of 10.  I started this quilt yesterday afternoon and by bed time I had all 40 blocks for the quilt top finished.

Check back tomorrow as we I will be giving you a yardage requirement for the sashing as well as the cutting and sewing instructions.

I so rarely am inspired to work so hard on getting a quilt finished.  I so love these fabrics and am really moved to get this quilt finished.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Let's start a quilt along modern sampler with traditional blocks and start with #154

In an effort to motivate and inspire myself I am starting a quilt along. 

This is the fabric I am using to inspire myself.  I will be using Kona Snow as the background for the blocks and the main fabric in the quilt.  I don't have a total amount of fabrics you will need, but if you have to buy background fabric, buy 6 yards, it will certainly be enough for the top and the extra can go on the back.   On the table is a good portion of my Amy Butler fabrics and some solids that go with them.  I may throw some other fabrics in from my stash to add some variety and make the quilt not be so matchy matchy.  That is what makes a great scrap quilt.  It needs to have a few zingers thrown in the mix to take the scrap quilt over the top.
I have chosen 4 fabrics from this mix to start with for the first block.  I will make one in each color way.
I will be making one block with the pinks and one block with the blue/green. 
I have chosen these two to make the same block.  However they will go into a new tree skirt for the Christmas tree.

This is the finished block.  In the book it is block number 154, the seesaw block.

For each block you will need 1 - 5 1/4" square, this is the large square print.  4 -  2 1/2" squares of solid color fabric for the small pinwheels in the center.  4 - 2 7/8" background white squares.  4 - 2 1/2" by 4 1/2" background white rectangles.

First we will draw a diagonal line one the 2 1/2" colored squares and on all of the 2 7/8" squares.

Now on top of each 2 1/2"x4 1/2" rectangles place the 2 1/2" colored squares on the right side of the rectangles.  The diagonal lines should be placed so they are in the middle of the rectangle at the top and in the bottom right corner at the bottom.  You will now stitch directly on the drawn lines.

Trim 1/4" from the stitching line and press the seam allowance toward the triangle.

Now place 2 of the 2 7/8" squares in opposite corners of the 5 1/4" as shown in this picture.  Now you will stitch on both sides of the drawn line using a scant 1/4".

Cut on the diagonal line and press so your pieces look like these.

Place one of the 2 7/8" squares on each heart shape piece you have.  Now stitch a scant 1/4" from the draw line.

Cut on the drawn line and press. You will have 4 flying geese units for part 2 of the block.

Lay out your pieces like these are pictured and piece them together.

Lay out as pictured here.  When pressing the pieces, press the seam allowance toward the longer white 2 1/2"x 4 1/2" rectangles.

The final block will look like so.
Check back later on Friday for the next block in the quilt along.  If you just want to make the block, the measurements I have given you makes a 8" finished block.  Let me know if you make a block, I would sure love to see them.  If we have enough interest and participants I can set up a flickr group.  If you have any questions ask them in the comments and I will be sure to reply.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Overflowing cupboard visit #2

Be sure to check out yesterday post to see how this all started.  I have two more tops to add today.

This top has been sold.  The first is a 36" square grandmother's fan classs sample made with 30's reproduction prints ona white on white background.  I will sell this for $25 plus shipping.  If you are interested email me at

 This top has been sold. The second quilt top is flannel and is 63" x 88".  It would be great on a twin bed or for snuggling on the couch.  I can't find the fabric for the binding so I am selling it without one.  The green border fabric has moose on it.  So the overall top really has kind of a lodge or northwoods look to it.  I am selling this one for $40 plus shipping.  Once again if you are interested in this one,

The second picture is just a close up to see the fabric.

Once again, thanks for looking and have a great day!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

My cupboard is overflowing

In a conversation a couple of weeks ago with Amanda, she asked how many flimsies I had.  To you non-quilters, that is quilt tops that aren't quilted yet.  I honestly told her I had no idea.  I went to my cupboard to start my count.  I found an overflowing cupboard, many of which I no longer have interest in finishing.  So it is time to get rid of some of those tops.  I even have a couple of quilts that can also go.  So I am starting with offering a few of those to all of you.

This quilt top has been soldThis first quilt is number 408 in the book.  It goes by several names, Churn Dash,  Hole in the Barn Door,  Monkey Wrench,  Double Monkey Wrench,  Sherman's March,  and Barn Door.  The quilt top measures 86" x 96".  I do have fabric for the binding that will go with the top.  I am asking $60 plus shipping for this quilt top and binding.  If you aren't a quilter and would like the top completed, I can do that too.  Please email me at if you are interested in the top or the quilt finished.  If you are looking to have the quilt finished, I can let you know what that will cost in a private email.

This is a close up shot of the quilt from above.  Any payments will be processed through paypal.

Next on the chopping block is a wallhanging.  It measures 34" x 50" , I also have the binding fabric for this quilt top also.  The fabrics in this top are mostly left overs from the above quilt top.
I am asking $30 plus shipping for this one.

 This top was from Thimbleberries club a few years ago.  It was designed to be the back of the quilt.  I just couldn't put all thos eblocks onto the back of the quilt.  So now for $60 you can have this along with the fabric for the binding. Below are some close ups of the blocks.  This top measures 83" x 99".

This quilt top has been sold.  This quilt top is a complete scrap quilt and happens to be #597 in the book, Light and Dark or Sunlight & Shadow.  It measures 80" x 96".  I don't have a binding for the quilt.  You could really use just about anything.  A border could be added to make this larger if you wish.

I am asking $50 for this top.  You may see a close of the top is below.

Ok that is all for tonight.  Posting these while watching Tv seemed to take for ever.  Stay tuned for more tops and a couple of quilts to be posted soon.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

#948, #949, and when your done with the blocks #394 and #388

So today block is refered to as Peek Hole (948), Necktie(949), and Bowtie(949). There is a tutorial here that I posted on my other blog and it is a 3 dimensional version but still has the same finished look.
The finished quilt I am featuring in today's post was purchased at an estate auction in Pepin Wisconsin probably more than 10 years ago now.
The quilt has got some really great fabrics.  I am thinking 30's and 40's fabrics.  Some are feed sacks.

How about those yellow setting squares.  I know that was yardage as there was some of that in the fabric box I bought at the same auction.  It is only 36" wide.

The stripes, plaids and florals all blend together very well.

just another view of some more of the great fabrics. 

Finally a view of the full quilt.  Sorry it was very over cast on picture day.  This quilt is a summer quilt, meaning it has either a very light blanket or a flannel sheet for the filling.  It is hand quilted in the ditch.  I believe the quilt was never used.  I remember that it smelled like the cedar chest when I bought it.    When the blocks are put together the way these are, it is refered to as Joseph's Necktie (388,394).  I hope you enjoyed this bright cheery quilt today.

Here is a sneak peek at number 602.  I am working on the tutorial for this block.  I was also thinking this would make a great quilt along for those who need to work on perfecting their 1/4" seam allowances.  Any input or suggestions would be great for planning.  I know that a wonky version of this block was just done as a quilt along on quilt dad's blog, but mine will give exact measurements.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

#400, 401, 402, 403, 404, 405, an answer about the book, and my entry into BQF

I had a question about the book yesterday pertaining to the patterns.  Well the book doesn't have patterns exactly.  It has drawings of the block and names the blocks go by.  It is really a reference book.  Some of the quilts or blocks I show will will be ones that I have worked up myself, like today's and the previous peekaboo, while others maybe antiques I have in my colection.  You will have to wait and see as my adventure evolves.

Todays quilt is the one from my blog header on my other blog, Adventures of Bear Creek Quilter.  I call it JaAmy L. The name came about as the quilt is made with Amy Butler fabrics, the Jacob's Ladder block and quilted with a pattern I learned from Jamie Wallen

Sorry about the lighting, it is a rather gray day here.  This quilt is my entry into the fall BQF, a wonder internet quilt show.  Now let me get back to explaining the pertainence to this blog.  The block used to make this quilt,

it is a variation of 6 different block explainations in the book, 400, 401, 402, 403, 404, and 405.  While I called it a Jacob's Ladder block when making the quilt, it also goes by the names Road to California, Stepping Stones, Tail of Benjamin's Kite, Underground Railroad, Trail of covered wagons, Wagon Tracks, Rocky Road to California, and Rocky Road to Oklahoma.

This quilt is mine, I love it use, I wash it in the wash machine and throw it in the dryer.  The backing is a large piece of muslin that I hand dyed purple.  It gets better with every wash.

You can kind of see some of the quilting in the next few pictures, I tried my best to be able to share it with you.  The quilting is done all freehand with no marking.  It is just right off the hip, what ever comes into my head next.  Hearts that are feathered, echoed, filled and swirls.

Enjoy and Thanks for visiting.

a close up of one of the hearts

some more of the texture created by the quilting.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Peek-a-boo finished and tutorial

I have finished the quilt from the last post. I was able

to use some fabric that I had purchased for another
baby quilt.  I had to use two fabrics for the border,
but that worked out ok.  The quilt finished 44" square.  A great size for a baby quilt.
To make the quilt you will need 3/4 of a yard of 3 different fabrics. This will make a quilt with a border that is all the same fabric.  If you like the two color border 1/3 yard of two different colors will work.  For the explaination I will use the fabric colors I have used in my quilt.

This block will finish 12" in the quilt and you will need the following

2 blue squares at 6 7/8" for each block.  You will be making 5 blocks for the quilt so you need a total of 10 squares.

Cut them in half diagonally, for a total of 20 triangles.

Now you need to cut 5 squares at 9" each.  Using the technique described here on my other blog. Sew the blue triangles to the 9" squares.  Make your 5 blocks.  They should measure 12 1/2" at this point.

Now for your other block, you will need 4 of these. 

You will be cutting your rectangles at 4 1/2" by 12 1/2"
You need 8 from the fire truck (focus) fabric
and 4 from your blue fabric.

Assemble blocks as pictured above.

Your block should measure 12 1/2"

Assemble your 9 blocks as shown in the center of this picture.

For the borders you need to cut 4 - 4 1/2" strips from the border fabric, they will need to at least measure 40 1/2".  The center of the quilt should measure 36 1/2".  Since most fabrics are narrower than 44 1/2",  I chose to use a little different technique to sew on the borders to eliminate having to piece two of the borders.

You will start to sew your first border on as you normally would.

Stop sewing the border about 5 inches from the end

Press the border as you normally would.  Now leaving the border you just sewed on at the bottom, add the second border to the right side of the quilt.

As shown here, continue stitching

when you have finished stitching the second border on it should look like this before you press the border.  After you have pressed the border leave it at the bottom of the quilt top and sew your next border on the right side again. Continue until you have sewn on all four borders.

Once you have sewn the 4th border on and pressed it, your quilt top should look like this.

Fold your first border back over and finish sewing the seam you started when you first added the border.  Press and trim.

You have now finished your quilt top.  It should measure 44 1/2".  Finished top is pictured above.

I used a 1 1/3" piece of fabric that I had for the backing.  I made a cut parallel to the selvage about 15" from the selvage.  I used left over 4 1/2" wide pieces from the front to add a strip to the backing to make it large enough so that I had the extra I needed for quilting.

Here is a picture of the back.

Here is a close up of the quilting.  I used a simple loop de loop meander.

The binding was cut at 2 1/2" and sewn on completely by machine.  I needed 5 strips to complete the binding.

If you have any questions or I need to make something more clear, please leave me a comment.

I hope you enjoyed the first of my renditions of blocks from the Key to 1000 quilt patterns.  That means I have 999 to go. I have been playing with some 2 inch strips and have a few more blocks in the works.  This will be scrap oriented, so check back soon.  If you make any projects from my blog please link back to my blog.  I also ask that you honor my copyrights and not publish these works as your own.