Tuesday, November 3, 2009

My cupboard is overflowing

In a conversation a couple of weeks ago with Amanda, she asked how many flimsies I had.  To you non-quilters, that is quilt tops that aren't quilted yet.  I honestly told her I had no idea.  I went to my cupboard to start my count.  I found an overflowing cupboard, many of which I no longer have interest in finishing.  So it is time to get rid of some of those tops.  I even have a couple of quilts that can also go.  So I am starting with offering a few of those to all of you.

This quilt top has been soldThis first quilt is number 408 in the book.  It goes by several names, Churn Dash,  Hole in the Barn Door,  Monkey Wrench,  Double Monkey Wrench,  Sherman's March,  and Barn Door.  The quilt top measures 86" x 96".  I do have fabric for the binding that will go with the top.  I am asking $60 plus shipping for this quilt top and binding.  If you aren't a quilter and would like the top completed, I can do that too.  Please email me at bearcreekquilter@yahoo.com if you are interested in the top or the quilt finished.  If you are looking to have the quilt finished, I can let you know what that will cost in a private email.

This is a close up shot of the quilt from above.  Any payments will be processed through paypal.

Next on the chopping block is a wallhanging.  It measures 34" x 50" , I also have the binding fabric for this quilt top also.  The fabrics in this top are mostly left overs from the above quilt top.
I am asking $30 plus shipping for this one. bearcreekquilter@yahoo.com

 This top was from Thimbleberries club a few years ago.  It was designed to be the back of the quilt.  I just couldn't put all thos eblocks onto the back of the quilt.  So now for $60 you can have this along with the fabric for the binding. Below are some close ups of the blocks.  This top measures 83" x 99".  bearcreekquilter@yahoo.com

This quilt top has been sold.  This quilt top is a complete scrap quilt and happens to be #597 in the book, Light and Dark or Sunlight & Shadow.  It measures 80" x 96".  I don't have a binding for the quilt.  You could really use just about anything.  A border could be added to make this larger if you wish.

I am asking $50 for this top.  You may see a close of the top is below.  bearcreekquilter@yahoo.com

Ok that is all for tonight.  Posting these while watching Tv seemed to take for ever.  Stay tuned for more tops and a couple of quilts to be posted soon.

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