Monday, February 22, 2010

Let's talk numbers

So Friday night I started cutting out squares, I have been sewing squares on and off all weekend.

  Last night while watching the USA (WOOHOO) /Canada in hockey game, I got out my calculator and pencil.  It was time to do some figuring.  If I want to make this quilt queen size how many squares would I need?  the answer 1548 total. 774 white, means 56 -3" strips or 4 2/3 yards of fabric exactly with NO cutting errors.  774 colored squares, I happen to have those little plastic baggies I picked up from the Fabri-quilt   booth at the Minnesota Quilt show in a couple different years.  There happens to be about 223 squares in those bags.  That means I have to come up with another 551 - 3" squares from my stash, very doable with my stash. 
 I am really liking the clearness (or brightness not really sure of the correct term to use)of the colors in these squares.  Most of my stash is countrified (is tha a word?), you know what I mean, Thimbleberries, Kansas Trouble Quilters eg.  So that means I will have to do more digging for those clear colors but the scrappy feel of only having a few of each fabric in the quilt is possible.
Having figured that all out, wouldn't it make more sense to just make a baby quilt since I would only need 432 squares total.  I already would have enough colored squares cut, so that would mean only cutting the white fabric.  A baby quilt doesn't go very far to help bust my stash though.  It certainly would be faster to finish though.  The mental argument continued until I looked at the squares alittle differently.
I really like the looks of these squares on point. 
So what are your thoughts, queen, baby, straight set, on points or something all together different.  I would love to here your thoughts.


  1. On point, queen so you can use it when you're done!!!!

    Yeah, I probably chose the most time consuming option, but I tend to do that! ;>)

    Judy W.

  2. I agree, on point, queen. You will be so happy when you finish it because of all the fabric from your stash used and a quilt for your bed!