Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Quilting on Christmas quilt is completed

So just in time for the ice skating to begin, I have finished the quilting on my Christmas quilt.  in case you are following this quilt for finishing instructions.  I have sashed the blocks made here with a 2 1/2" Kona snow fabric.  The outside border was cut 6 1/2".  I chose to quilt it like this.

Here are a couple of pics as I took it off of the frame.

Maybe it is me, but don't you think they look like Christmas packages all lined up in rows?
Last night my stitchin' group got together.  I made good progress on my other top for the Olympic challenge.  I am right on track now to finish the binding on this one and the top complete on the other one.  I have until Sunday's closing ceremonies, so all is good.  Time to settle in for the evening and some women's figure skating.


  1. I love it Diane -you did a great job and yes it does look like Christmas packages. Nice work!

  2. Oh my goodness I love this!! Thank you for sharing your wonderful blog and your enthusiasm for the art of quilting. Check out our blog at: http://www.aqsquiltnews.blogspot.com/

    Keep up the beautiful quilting!

  3. YOur quilting added just wonderful texture!! Looks just yummy!