Thursday, February 11, 2010

It's not always in the last place I look

Usually when something is missing around here, I don't find it until I start searching for something else.  This was the case with my camera and this
One of the large reasons for my lack of blogging here is because this book was MIA.  While looking for my One Block Wonder book I found it and the missing camera.  The OBW book is still MIA.

So now I can get back to some blogging about the 1000 patterns.  First I want to finish up the Christmas quilt I wsas posting about previously.  Well Pat is having a challenge durring the olympic to finish a UFO. Well I am in for these two.
On the left is a project I am making with charms and turnovers.  On the right is the Christmas quilt mage from the jelly roll and some yardage.

So hopefully with the book and the camera now safely in my possesion, there will be some better and newer content to look at here.

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