Friday, February 19, 2010

#213 and #219, getting distracted again

So, I volunteered to make a doll quilt.  I knew I already had a top in a tote all ready to quilt.  I couldn't find it, but came across these "4 patch, checkerboard" blocks that are #213 and #219 in the book. 

 I put them together  into this doll quilt.
I used a fat quarter for the backing.

Oh, the color just looks so faded out, sorry, still too much snow to take pictures outside.
The bolt of white fabric is a cotton/bamboo blend.

I bought at joann's with a coupon, they were out of the kona snow.  I neglected to read the label before I bought it.

Can you see it says to use a cool iron.  WHAT QUILTER USES A COOL IRON???????  I did a test on a small swatch with a hot iron so I could return it if I needed to.  Well I was happy to find it held up to the heat.  This little doll quilt will be given away so I don't have time to wash it.  I think I will make myself some pot holders so I can wash them and see how they hold up to laundering.  For right now I am happy with my purchase.  I will keep you updated with further tests.

I am off to get ready to go out and have supper with DH and then I am home to sew for the Friday night sew in that Heidi is hosting tonight.  Maybe that will help me get back on track with Pat's olympic challenge.

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  1. What is the point of a cool iron?? lol