Monday, February 15, 2010

Olympic analogy to quilting design

Ok, so I was watching the skaters last night and thought I could compare yesterdays quilting design prep to them. With my Christmas quilt loaded and ready for quilting (one of my two Sloanie Olympics challenge) I started to map out my program. Much as the skaters prepare their programs they perform, a quilter will audition her moves like I did. I could just go with a plain meander, it would do the job, but it would lack the sparkle the judges would be looking for. So like the skaters takes cues from their music, I took cues from the fabric. Holly leaves, snow flakes, ribbon, ribbon candy and Glass Christmas balls are all a possibility. I had planned on showing you these pictures that I am sharing with you and asking for suggestions. However this morning I woke to a light fluffy Christmas kind of snow and inspiration took over. I will share those choices in a later post. So today do as I am and enjoy that second cuppa while sharing my Olympic progress with you all.

In case anyone else played hooky from the Olympics yesterday to watch the Daytona 500, I want to send my congrats out to Jamie McMurray and GER on their win. It was an exciting race when it was running, and while it was on red flags I was able to start another project using a Moda Scrap bag to share with you soon.  Ok I can't get the pictures where I want them but they are all here so you will just have to look at them where they are.

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  1. Wow. This is exactly the inspiration I was looking for to finish my next quilt top. Thanks for sharing and its really beautiful.